Uniqlo's Heattech.

by Marina Ingvarsson in

Uniqlo’s latest additions in the Heattech collection offer a solution to one of the oldest problems, known to women and men of New York City: winter layering.

The words “sweater weather” sound dreamy, almost magical. The mind starts painting pictures akin to the best examples of “minimalist blogger chic”. Stacks of chunky knitwear on the dresser, mid-century modern furniture.You, lounging on a couch, wearing a cozy sweater, surrounded by nothing but pour-over coffee, fashion magazines and lots and lots of potted succulents. I know, right? Perfection.

But in a harsh reality of NYC in the colder months, keeping a comfortable and balanced temperature seems almost impossible. A commute to my gym, for example, includes walking, riding the subway and then even a bit of cycling, thanks to the omnipresent Citi Bikes. And by the time I reach the locker room, if I was wearing that same extra chunky sweater over a top or two that whole time, I’d pretty much be a big, sweaty, rosy-cheeked mess.

Absolutely non-instagramable.

UniQlo's Heattech collection, which makes thin under-layers as warm as a sweater, offers a great solution to layering problem: they are stretchy, smooth, lightweight, don’t look bulky, offer great comfort and even reduce static. But most importantly - they come in a nice broad palette of both neutral and bright colors, which makes them really easy to mix, match or blend in with the rest of your look. Or that mid-century couch.