A Skin-Care Routine that works for me.

A Skin-Care Routine that works for me.

As you know, I created my blog to share my looks and styling. Today I want to share a skin-care routine that works for me.

But first I want to tell you what to do constantly to let your skin looks amazing.

1. Hydrate
 First thing in the morning, drink one glass of water.

2. Exercise
Exercise is essential for gorgeous skin, at least 15 minutes daily.

3. Nutrition
Eat well and healthy, don't forget add a veggies and fruits.
A Skin-Care Routine that works for me.

Here is what you will need.

1. A good skin cleanser
2. Two excellent moisturizers, one with sunscreen and one without.
3. Sunscreen
4. A preparation with alpha hydroxy acid.
5. A vitamin C serum or, preferably, a vitamin C,E and melatonin antioxidant serum.
6. A retinoid product.
7. Enriched eye-area/thin skin moisture cream contaning peptides, antioxidants or AHA.
8. Exfoliating mask.
9. Peeling agent. 

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In my 20-s I never thought and learned about the right skin care routine, usually I applied any cream for a dry skin and a little of makeup. But now I'm 30 and it's time to learn and properly take care of my skin. A Month ago I went in for my first facial. I learned a lot about my skin.

I visited the Youtn Corridor Clinic by Dr. Gerald Imber  
The Clinical Skin Therapist Denise Bissell told me that now she is my coach for my face. We talked with her, she asked me how I take care of my skin, what I eat and how often I exercise, after that we started the procedures.


Here what I tried:
1. Youth Corridor Photo Facial
Using IPL, to treat background redness, rosacea, thread veins, sun damage, uneven pigmentation and brown spots.

2. Youth Corridor Signature NO PEEL PEEL
This Chemical peel uses a unique and highly effective 70% Glyycolic Acid to remove dead skin cells, instantly making skin more vibrant ... with no downtime. It is an industry game-changer. 

After the procedures, my skin was glowing and hydrated. 

I always love to try a new products, and this month I'm using the Youth Corridor "Ultimate Trio"


This Youth Corridor kit contains all you need to achieve a youthfull appearance. Fend off damage with the powerful Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum, rejuvenate skin with Retin Ultimate Transforming Gel containing our patented retinol formula, and nourish skin with Ultimate Nourishing Creme. Three simple steps to conquer signs of aging on your skin.


Hydrating Soothing Mask
Youth Corridor Hydrating Soothing Mask rebalances sensitive skin. Absolute hydration in a gel form softens skin while anti-inflammatory extracts such as aloe help calm the skin.


I'm happy with results. It's super luxe, hydrating, soothing,firming and has the perfect product for each step of your skin-care routine.