For Love And Hamptons.

Recently, the LA-based fashion brand For Love And Lemons reached out to me for a little collaboration for their blog, which included a fashion story and an interview. Today it’s finally out and I’m happy to share it here.  



So Marina, you're not only a blogger, but also a model and videographer… tell us how it all began!

I’ve been a model for over 12 years now, and while I always loved making videos, blogging is more of a recent passion. It all came together naturally. Not that being petite posed some serious challenges when choosing my outfits, but I still had to be creative to a certain point. And my blog is an attempt to showcase that approach. 

Other than hitting the beach, what are some ways to get the most out of visiting the Hamptons?

On the way there, I usually check out Parrish Art Museum. It’s a relatively new building that looks like a cool barn from the future. They currently have Chuck Close on view, and I really recommend it. 

Whenever I go to Hamptons, I always end up in Montauk. It’s a younger, more relaxed and more vibrant crowd. Getting to the lighthouse, which is the end point, has become a ritual, and feels like being on the edge of the world, and those sunsets are magical. The Deep Hollow Ranch is not far from there, if you’re into horses. 

My secret beach spot is somewhere around the Hither Hills Park. It’s completely empty most of the time, which is amazing. Surf Lodge is great after sunsets and later into the night - sitting on the sand around the fire pit sipping cocktails, and their playlist is always on point. On weekends it’s so packed though, that you have to park your car on the road and walk a mile back to the place. I’d say definitely try it, but maybe during the week. 

Give us the inside scoop, where are the best places to grab a bite to eat in New York?

Eating vegan in New York isn’t very hard, but is still a challenge most of the time. Luckily, I have a favorite place in most neighborhoods. Blossom on Carmine in West Village is great for dinner, and Blossom Du Jour in Chelsea is perfect for a quick bite or takeaway, and is a block away from my home. Then there’s Caravan Of Dreams, if I’m in East Village, or Pure Food & Wine, if in Gramercy. But most of the time, I love cooking at home.

We know how hot New York Summers can get, what are your favorite silhouettes or pieces for keeping cool?

It’s not just the heat, but mostly humidity, that you have to be ready for. Anything flowy is preferable, both in terms of silhouette and fabric, be it linen, chiffon, or even lace.  

We love how you can work an all black or all white outfit. Can you share your best tips for mastering this minimal chic look?

I think it’s a New York thing, since black, white, grey and beige are pretty much all the colors you need throughout the year. Which makes it really easy to combine, mix and match, and create something new. The trick is not a trick, really - just keep it simple, straight to the point, and at the same time maintain the balance - if you bring something in, make sure to take something out. 

Our Summer Haze collection was inspired by all of our favorite summer activities. If you had to choose a favorite piece from the line what would it be and what Summer activity would you wear it to?

I absolutely loved the black Mariposa mini dress. It fits perfectly for petites, has an optimal hem length-to-width ratio and balances the bohemian chic and the little black dress element very well. It’s also very universal – from a beach getaway, to day-to-night scenario where a simple change of shoes, accessories or a hair style can make a world of difference.  

I’m wearing:

For Love And Lemons Mariposa Maxi Dress Orchid Bondage BraSahara Mini Dress, Goorin Bros Macey Hat.