I love New York, I really do. But I also feel like I often need a short break from it to sort of “cleanse the palate” and re-evaluate things. On the wonderful Spring weekends like these, the short getaways work like a charm. Just pick a destination at least a 100 miles away in any direction, make the right playlist for it, dress accordingly, and hit the road. Last weekend, it was a town of Woodstock. Naturally, that day was all about the 70s – the silhouette of my outfit, the vibe, the music. I didn’t go full flower child, however, and decided to keep things minimal and limit the colors to black and navy, reminding myself that I’m still a New Yorker. 

I’m wearing:

Free People Flare Jeans and necklace, Topshop Embroidery Tunic, Zara dress, Goorin Bros Payton Hat.